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You will learn how to synthesize ideas on what you could create a course on, if you do not know what video course to create. And if you are already tutoring/lecturing/teaching, you will learn how to create your video content, record, edit and produce it into a shareable video format. You might not take our word for it, but we already created a free Self-Paced Beginner’s Guide Online Course on our site (https://kawotekacademy.com) which you can subscribe to, if you feel you can learn on your own. However, if you desire a take-me-by-the-hand approach, then you need to register for this Instructor-led training.

15,000.00 10,000.00
Creating videos and online courses could be highly rewarding and yet daunting, however it could be simplified once you have the right guidance. Creating videos and online courses helps to make your training, courses or lectures available to large set of learners which you might ordinarily not be able to meet in your lifetime. For you to create a professional video and online courses, your enthusiasm and interest actually matters and you must answer at least a 'YES' to any of the below:
  • Have you ever taught or tutor some group of people in a class, tutorial center, seminar or others?
  • Are you unemployed and would like to utilize your time which is earlier being wasted doing nothing, to create a business and an income for yourself right from the comfort of your own house?
  • Are you self-employed or gainfully employed and would like to create an additional source of income for yourself?
  • Do you have passion for teaching, sharing your knowledge/experience/expertise or skills for the benefit of others?
  • And do you desire to leverage on technology in order to reach out to larger audience/learners/students beyond your geographical location or environment?
  If any of the above fits into you, then you need to subscribe to this training, it is a two part series hands-on 100% practical online training, that will enable you to create videos for both online and offline learners. So that means that your course could be made available for learners/students to buy either as an online course, online training or rather, it could be packaged and sold on CD, DVD, USB, external hard disk or through any other convenient physical media.   When you subscribe to this training, which comes up monthly, you will learn:
  1. how to synthesize ideas for your videos and online courses,
  2. how to create your video content,
  3. how to record properly
  4. how to professionally edit your own video courses, or other people's video courses.
  5. You will also learn how to edit videos from your camera phone or from camcorders.
  6. how to make your video engaging and interactive to your learners.
  7. how to produce your video into shareable video formats.
  8. how to create an online course and you will actually create an online course before you get your completion certificate.
Once you complete this training, you will be able to do the following:
  1. You will be able to create videos based on your area of knowledge and expertise. For example if you are a web designer or teacher, you could be able to create video courses on web designing, English, mathematics, physics, etc.
  2. You could start training your colleagues and others around you, on how to create this same course through your own materials and experience.
  3. You could make money with us, if you could teach some of the selected courses we will be creating videos for each month, this opportunity to get a job from us monthly is only available to our training graduates. And we pay handsomely, up to some hundreds of thousands Naira.
  4. You could use your online course to build a sustainable and viable online business, that could help you generate additional source of income.
  5. Your online course/training could help you compete favorably with established training/tutor centers in terms of subscribed learners to your online course. This is possible as your digital product (online or offline courses) will be available to larger audience most especially those who stays in remote part of the country with no competent training or tutorial centers or even schools.
  6. You will be able to access other juicy packages reserved for our registered instructors.
  In other to participate in this training, you need to have the following:
  1. enroll into this online training
  2. computer (laptop or desktop)
  3. recording mic (or headset with mic)
  4. recording software (you will know when you sign up)
  5. mouse & keyboard
  6. digital writing pad (optional and not essential)
  We are eagerly waiting to celebrate your success, so just click on the "Take This Course" button and start learning.  

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