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This training will help you to start creating online contents for your students in no time. You are expected to get started with creating your teaching digitally within 48 hours after completing this training.

5,000.00 3,500.00
Day 1: Session 1 Course Objectives: All students will be able to put their content together in a professional way • How to use the Classroom mobile app • Using shapes to design your layout • Maintain consistency in presentation Course Objectives: Students will be able to use animation in a non-obtrusive way • Adding animations to your slide • Adding animations to your shapes and layouts   Day 1: Session 2 Course Objectives: Students will be able to record audio/add audio to slides • How to add recorded audio to your slide • How to record audio into your PowerPoint • How to make audio play automatically • How to trim audio Day 2: Session 1 Course Objectives: They should be able to record their PowerPoint presentation as a video • Turning slide into video from PowerPoint without any software • Recording slides as a video using free recording software • Recording from within PowerPoint using premium recording software   Day 2: Session 2 Course Objective: Students will be able to upload and share their videos on Youtube • Create a Youtube account • Upload content to your channel • Copying Youtube sharing link for your students • Between making your video private, public or unlisted

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