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After completing this course, you would have a broader view and the appreciation of how to turn your experience/skill/expertise or knowledge into salable products which can in turn be converted into cash or extra income.

Welcome to this free online course on how you can turn your ideas, experience, knowledge and skills into digital products which could thereafter be sold to learners online or to learners offline through CD, DVD, USB, external hard disk and others. Has it ever crossed your mind that making video is a money spinning business? Do you know why all websites are striving to ensure they have videos on their products or videos to promote their business? With the inefficiencies in the traditional method of learning and its attendant high cost to the learners, most of this people are now turning to online courses in order to get the very best at a cheaper cost. Who is going to be producing this courses to learners? Definitely it should be you and me. And there is great reward when you create solid content, as the internet will not condone substandards, the simple reason is that information flies at the speed of light. Once you get a poor review on your product expect people to start avoiding your products like plaque, however when you have a content that adds value to people, they will share it with their friends and you can make much money than your imagination. Creating video is very cheap and the reward is far greater than the reward you get from the effort you put into your normal day job. Learn what other people are doing and see how you could set yourself on the journey to your financial freedom. Imagine having a course that sells for ₦5,000 and you are able to sell to at least 500 people in a year, do the math. And we have seen a course that sells for about $49 (₦17,640) and over two years has had more than 15,000 students all over the world. There is money to be made online if you learn how to do the right things right. It is high time people stop wasting their money on HYIP that promises huge return, but which ends up making people poorer, and yet people falls for them daily. Creating videos and online courses is a big time money spinner, if you learn the intricacies. To get yourself started today, click on the "TAKE THIS COURSE" button at the top and see how this course could help change your perception. Online course is a WIN-WIN situation, the learners benefit by having access to valuable and top notch contents, which could help them advance their career, secure that job or that contract, while you the digital instructor gets remunerated in return. If the content is wonderful, expect your learners to bring along their friends through referrals and that is more money for you. Get started with this free course by registering on this site and watch this FREE video course on How To Diversify Your Income Source by Productizing Your Knowledge. We hope it is beneficial to you and please leave a review at the end of this course, once you are through. If it is further beneficial to you, please feel free to share this with your friends.

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