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How To Make More Money As An Online Nigerian Teacher

It is undoubtedly true that some of the teachers in Nigeria as at today make meagre amount of money from their profession and expertise, it is not uncommon to see or hear teacher’s that are being paid ₦15,000 to about ₦50,000 per month, whereas there are some fortunate ones that are actually making some decent amount of money from their knowledge.

But the question remains thus: Are there genuine ways out there as a teacher to earn more money while not leaving your current profession? While the answer is a plausible yes, then the next question is, if there are other legitimate ways of making more money, why are all teachers not able to explore this open avenue. Well, so many factors come into play to ensure that teachers are not able to make more money. We will briefly consider some of the factors that come into play;

  1. Restriction on the part of the employers restricting teachers from conducting extra lesson/coaching for students, outside the four walls of the school premises.
  2. Deliberate attempt without any direct restriction by employers, this is achieved by belaboring the teacher with tremendous work schedule, that ended up wearing the teacher out, and eating away their productive hour.
  3. Unwillingness or laziness on the part of the teacher to conduct extra coaching classes for students.
  4. Sometimes where the willingness or the zeal is there, the non-availability of students that are willing to come for extra coaching is another inhibiting factor.

What now happens if the teacher is willing and have the passion for teaching with or without leisure period, are there still ways to make more money online as a teacher and specifically as a Nigerian teacher? Well the answer to this is very simple; there are varieties of ways that are open to teachers in which they could take advantage of in order to better their lives. One of the best alternatives they could take advantage of is multimedia learning, e- learning and mobile learning.

The internet offers a boundary-less restriction on the part of the teacher enabling them to leverage on the power of technology and internet to reach across to millions of learner’s out there, who are ready with money in their hand looking for somebody to teach them one thing or the other. It is not uncommon for teacher’s online who might not even have had experience with teaching in a traditional classroom, earning 6 – 8 figures income (i.e ₦100,000 – ₦10,000,000 no exaggeration intended). Yes people are making hundreds of thousands of Naira up to tens of million Naira teaching people the skills they are adept at or sharing their knowledge using the multi-modal learning techniques (i.e techniques using multimedia, online and mobile learning).