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How You Can Make Your First Income Online From Kawotek Academy

When it comes to creating and selling online courses, some people are always indifferent about it. Over time, some of the reasons we were able to adduce to this indifference ranges from
a) Getting adequate training
b) Cost of getting necessary recording tools
c) The fear of the security of the content (online video)
d) The fear of not making enough sales to cover cost

However we will like to deal more on the last option. And not that the other options are not essential, in actual fact at Kawotek
Academy we have you fully covered, when it comes to training you on professional way of getting your content into digital format and we also provide you a secured platform to reach out to more learners without the fear of losing your content to users who might be desirous of stealing them.

The most predominant method for creating and selling online courses has always been the create it and one day people will start buying it. However, we want to flip this in the head by ensuring that once you create a good online self-paced video course or an online video-based Instructor-Led Training (ILT), you can start earning money the very first day that your course is approved and went live on our online learning platform right here in Nigeria.

Wait there and we know that the next logical question that might come to your reasoning might be, will they just pay me once and all my effort will just become their own? Never, we are not like that, your best interest is of utmost importance to us and we want to reiterate our assurance to you once again that we’ve got your back covered always.

So let’s just give you the flow in summary, once your course is live on our online learning platform/marketplace, you get a thank you email for hosting your online video course with us and in the email you will also get the detail of the amount we are giving to our dear instructor. But we can assure you that each of the first set of 100 instructors will not get below ₦50,000 for their published online course.

Why are we doing this?

Well, the simple answer is that we are trying to incentivize individual/independent instructors to start adding to the body of knowledge in Nigeria and start creating wealth for themselves and their immediate family through the creation and selling of online video courses. We do not know how long we will be able to do this, but one thing that is sure is that once we have reached the first mark of 100 courses, then we will need to review this to decide, if we will continue it further or discontinue this.

So you have the rare privilege to start realizing your potential of standing yourself out from the crowd and create a business for your self online.

To enjoy this benefit, definitely you need to be registered on this Kawotek Academy platform as an Instructor. To learn more right away, sign up to become an independent instructor today.

July 16, 2018