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How You Can Use Videos to Create Different Sources of Income

It is no longer news that videos are the in-thing in this modern world, from online video learning to online marketing and the internet itself, video has continued to evolve in its usages. For example, what would normally take 5 pages in written text to be properly explained could take only about 3o seconds to be explained even more thoroughly by watching a video. Even the trend in page ranking on Google has placed emphasis on having videos on website in order to get a good ranking on search pages.

With that said however, we will be considering videos that are created for learning or educational purpose in this article. When you search through forums, you are bound to observe different people that are desiring to learn one thing or the other and sometimes it is difficult to reach out to some of them, due to location constraints. However with your videos, it becomes easier to make yourself available to different people at different places at the same time. So you could have a thousand listening and watching you through your videos a the same second, the feat which is impossible with normal one on one training, and if the videos that those learners are watching is actually a paid-for video, then you could know how much could have entered into your account at that particular time.

So the question is now, how can you use your videos to create different sources of income for yourself? We will take a look at five different ways in which you can use the same set of videos to create different sources of income.

  1. Online Self Paced Course: You can create an online video learning course that people could be able to access freely if it is made free to the public or which people could purchase access in order to access if it is a premium course. The online course is always available day and night for anybody to purchase and access (if it is premium), and as an instructor you do not need to bother yourself about the course as most of its processes are automated already. The only thing that concerns you is about marketing and promoting the courses everywhere and thereafter, whether you are  sleeping or awake, the cash keeps on pumping into your account. The course has no start date and no closing date, so it is always available to everybody all over the world, geographical location is not a barrier. This kind of online course is mostly asynchronous in nature, as the trainer/instructor and the learners do not need to be online at the same time.
  2. Online Instructor Led Training (ILT). This is similar to the traditional training in the sense that it has a starting date and a closing date for the training, though in most instances some instructors allows continuous access to the training page after the end of the training, strictly to the training attendees. However it differs from the traditional seminars in the sense that the learners are not limited to those within the location of the organizers of the training, people could be in far distance and even in different countries from where the training is taking place. Additionally, this training need the moderation and involvement of the instructor(s), as most of this online training are synchronous in nature. Its synchronous nature means that the trainer/instructor and the learners might need to be online at the same time. Though not all ILT are synchronous, we have so many training that are asynchronous, in which case the learners just watch the videos scheduled for the day and carried out the activities required, while any questions they might have will be posted in the designated discussion area, and the trainer/instructor will reply to those questions when he/she comes online later.
  3. Downloadable Course: The same set of videos could also be used as a downloadable course which learners need to download onto their computer or mobile device in order to watch. So in this case, instructor would have had a way of hiding the download page in such a way that it is only people who have paid that could be able to access the download page while the same page would be restricted to other people, unless it is free.
  4. Offline Course: This is the most common form by which people are selling their video course. This videos are packaged to be sold on physical devices like CD, DVD, Flash Drive, External Hard Disk, Memory Card and others. Most of the courses that are being sold in Nigeria are currently through this mode. Another advantage of this is that it could be sold along with your published books or organized physical seminars, though currently this is being replaced by links to the videos online.
  5. Membership Site: Most people also use the same set of videos to create membership sites, this are sites that releases contents regularly either daily, bi-weekly, weekly or monthly to their subscribed members. All members pay a certain amount to maintain their membership in that site, so they have access to only contents that have been released or just released.


So above are some of the ways in which people have been making use of the same set of videos to create different streams of income for themselves. Above all the methods mentioned above, the one that gives freedom of time for instructors is the Online Self Paced Course, since it requires less effort from the instructor once the course has been created. If you will like to learn how you could start creating videos today, please you can reach out to us, by clicking on this Start Creating Videos Training. However, if you are already creating videos and you will like to know how you could start turning your educational videos into Online Self Paced Courses or Online Instructor Led Training please feel free to complete this form and we would be glad to help you get started in Creating and Selling Your Course Online

I hope you find a reason to start creating and selling your videos both online and offline, but remember you need to be careful about just releasing your videos or courses to people without adequate security and protection, unless it is a free video or course. If you have videos that you will want to sell offline or as downloadable videos, and you need assistance in protecting them, you can reach out to us through the Contact Us Page