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Instructor – Revenue Share in Kawotek Academy

We are indeed happy to partner with you in your drive to succeed in your content creation and monetization.

We have different levels of partnership that you can explore with us, and our model is designed in such a way that we succeed only when you succeed. Our instructors are our most priceless and valuable partners, and we are striving to ensure that we offer them the very best to maximize their effort in developing instructional products and courses.


We will like you to take time out to understand how our revenue is structured and why it is structured in that way.


What Set Us Apart From Others


Features that we brand include;

  • Ensuring the security of your courses and products, while with us and through to while it is being delivered to your students. We have created a secure platform that will not only make it easy for illegal transfer and transmission of your product, but also to ensure that the number of product and courses you sold are the right amount of money you make. There are instances of when people sell a course to 10 people and this is actually in the possession of about 1000 people, in order to ensure the minimization of this incidence we have implemented so many security features on our site right from production to delivery.
  • Provision of liveclass for you students based on your request. This ensure that you could have real-time communication with your students wherever they are in any part of the world. This liveclass is also like your typical classroom but in the virtual environment.
  • Aggressive marketing to ensure that you eventually succeed using the latest marketing strategies that works.

So whether you are publishing a free or paid course, you are assured that your product integrity is intact and sales could easily be maximized. We believe in a sustainable partnership where Kawotek Academy is driving traffic to the instructor’s courses and instructors are rewarded for creating unique content and driving students to the site.

We operate tiered revenue share structure for the paid courses that you create and we also charge a stipend quarterly in order for you to continuously have access to premium features. For a detailed overview of what our revenue structure is you could check the below table.  The table depicts the types of instructors and what the level of their commission on the published courses are:
Most of us appreciate numbers especially when the number is all about money. Anyway before you jump out of your pants, lets remind you of the fundamental things to keep in mind.

The major and key thing to always remember and what will set tutors/instructors apart from each other is that you should spend your time doing what you do best –creating high quality and relevant content and getting students excited about your Kawotek Academy course and product.

However we will be hard at work helping to grow your content in the marketplace, expanding your potential audience and reach, and delivering your desired results.


Remember, tutors/instructors success depends directly on the factors such as Volume, Price, Content Quality


Content Quality x Volume x Price = Instructor/Tutor Success
The revenue share we get from the courses and products will enable us to continue to invest in cutting edge technologies, aggressive marketing tactics and implementation of adequate security techniques on your behalf. We will always be looking for avenue to ensure that you get about 150% net revenue from each of your contents.

We will also encourage our instructors to support one another through our seminars (online and offline) and forums discussion about what works and what doesn’t. What are the new trips and tricks they are using to grow their student base and revenue.

Did We Also Tell You?

You will be able to monitor your sales for each of your course in your Dashboard.

It is our sincere desire that we could be partners in progress, in truly changing the face of education in this country, ensuring people learn at their own convenience and lastly ensuring the creation of the One Stop Learning Centre for everybody without any form of bias or geographical barriers.