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Content Creation Training

3,000.00 2,500.00


Day 1: Session 1
Course Objectives: All students will be able to put their content together in a professional way
• How to use the Classroom mobile app
• Using shapes to design your layout
• Maintain consistency in presentation

Course Objectives: Students will be able to use animation in a non-obtrusive way
• Adding animations to your slide
• Adding animations to your shapes and layouts


Day 1: Session 2
Course Objectives: Students will be able to record audio/add audio to slides
• How to add recorded audio to your slide
• How to record audio into your PowerPoint
• How to make audio play automatically
• How to trim audio

Day 2: Session 1
Course Objectives: They should be able to record their PowerPoint presentation as a video
• Turning slide into video from PowerPoint without any software
• Recording slides as a video using free recording software
• Recording from within PowerPoint using premium recording software


Day 2: Session 2
Course Objective: Students will be able to upload and share their videos on Youtube
• Create a Youtube account
• Upload content to your channel
• Copying Youtube sharing link for your students
• Between making your video private, public or unlisted