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Teachers Are Not Born To Be Poor, Learn How To Make Much Money As A Teacher

I remember those days, when we were growing up, there was a trite that is common to teachers then. People urged teachers then, that “Teacher’s rewards are in heaven”. But today, things are different, as smart and wise teacher seek, how to harness his or her reward here on earth. Although,  the reward could vary disparately, while some earn a reward which can barely enable them to sustain a living, there are few others that earn rewards that makes them to live large even as a teacher. It is actually feed true that some teachers are now professionals, which means they command premium reward always.

But let’s look at it, who is a teacher?

Well, according to our own definition, a teacher is a person that delivers instruction or the one that passes knowledge across to others. From our definition, it then suffice to say that, most of us are teachers considering the fact that at one point or the other (past or present) we are involved in tutoring fellow colleagues, mates and even students. Teachers are called different names in different places, he/she could be called a tutor, a lecturer, a facilitator, a resource person or even an instructor.

In this article, we will be concentrating on those set of teachers who plies their trade in the education sector. It is rather alarming how most of the teachers nowadays are performing at their abysmal low and efficiency level is sub-optimal. The reason is not far-fetched; nowadays there is intense pressure on most of the teachers to perform while their capacity is already overstretched. The cause of the capacity overstretch is the enormity of students they have to handle in the course of their work and considering that we have the dearth of teachers nowadays due to the quality of earning of teachers which is really discouraging. This has caused many teachers to look in other ways to get a livelihood source, leaving the few ones remaining in that sector to accommodate the teeming and burgeoning number of students in our schools presently.

Does this abysmal situation create an opportunity to actually make much more money?

Well, it has always been said that the land is green everywhere, depending on the eye you are using to look at the land and depending on what you see. Every bad situation creates opportunities for some set of people to breakthrough in their life while at the same time, it impoverishes and condemns other into perpetual misery and lack. But one thing has always been said, it is madness to try and do same thing over and over again and expect the same result.

Now let’s take a look at some of the strategies that you can deploy as a teacher to make more money for yourself:

  • Strategy 1: Organize extra-curricular lesson: You can actually organize extra-curricular lesson outside the school environment for students either in your area or at a designated area. At least a teacher should be able to cope with about 50 students while taking about 2 – 3 subjects
  • Strategy 2: Bring in more teachers to join the extra lesson: You can also rent a place and organize extra-curricular lesson for students just like above and this time, you get more teachers to join you and that will increase the number of students and the income you will likely make, peradventure everything goes according to plan and also, the additional teachers are able to put in the same zeal you are putting into the extra lesson. Through this method, I have seen some people rise, start their own mini-school and later transform to a full-fledged schools.
  • Strategy 3: Put all your teaching content on a video. You could still organize an extra-curricular lesson and automate some of the repetitive task you undertake in class by preparing video series on those topics that the students could read at home, which will explain the rudiments of what they are to offer in the next class. In the meantime, when they come for class or lesson, what you just do is to solve questions and attempt to answer any questions they might have had. This strategy enables you to have more students in your class, as you are sure that most of the students already have an understanding of the subject that you are about to take them. This type of class tends to be a collaborative class, where even students could teach their peers right there, unlike when all the students in the class are still a novice to the topic that you are introducing to them.
  • Strategy 4: Sell your packaged video lectures online and offline to hundreds of Students. You could add additional layer of income source to your class by selling your video lecture to hundreds of students both physically and online using the internet. Through this, you could reach out to students beyond your location and national boundary, and still be able to sell your knowledge to them. This comes at no additional risk to you, as you can still continue with your extra lesson conducted in your location while growing the sales of your packaged video lecture.
  • Strategy 5: Become a full time online teacher/tutor. A lot of people today earn so much money by selling out their ideas via the internet. You can prepare a lecture on any subject and upload online for students to view and listen to, either free or at a cost. The online learning management system could even assist you in grading the students’ work, when they turn in their classwork and assignment. It also affords you the opportunity to make money while you are away or asleep, as people could register, purchase and take the course without your knowledge, all you just need is just to attend to any question / attend to any query they might have in the course of learning(if there are any). It is not uncommon to have teachers who have had 10,000 students that had taken their subjects or courses. Translating this into cash means a lot of money that even most school owners with gigantic structure might not be able to make in 2-3 years.

It is not uncommon to find people adopting a mix of the above strategies, but most teachers adopts the strategy or a mix of strategy that gives them more time to do other things and learn other skills. To be modest, a teacher who teaches about 2 subjects / courses online and who is able to attract just 100 students monthly on each subject at the rate of ₦2000/month could be generating about

2,000 x 2 subjects x 100 students  = ₦400,000 monthly

The beauty of using technology in teaching is that most time, the teacher creates the subject or course once, and students could perpetually register into the subjects and granted access upon payment, so it takes much burden away from them. Also, it frees up time for you to now add more quality to your subject, enroll more students and watch your earnings grow and what I love most about it is the cost aspect of the whole thing. I most cases, your cost never increases as your income increases when compared to that of running a school. For traditional schools or extra lesson, as the population of student increases, a school might find that it needs more building, more teachers, more facilities and the rest, causing costs to increase even more that the rate at which income increases.

So adopting technology as a teacher could enable you make so much money while not giving away your free time. Though, it has its own disadvantages but believe me, they are easily surmountable for somebody who is willing to learn. Noteworthy is also the fact that using technology requires some initial cost which in most cases is one-time, like the cost of getting training, getting the computer and the software required, though the cost is not exorbitant.

We hope after reading this, you could begin to give some considerations to the possibility of adopting the use of technology in aiding you to plan your financial freedom even as a teacher and start living the kind of life you have been dreaming, but which seems to be elusive to you. A teacher’s reward is supposed to be reaped and enjoyed while on this planet earth.

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