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Do you want to make over 500,000 Naira weekly without stress?

Learn proven tactics on how to create professional video course that would engage over 50,000 customers monthly.

Why do I need this Training?

Easy Access by Learners

Learning how to create a Professional Video Course would make your Content Available to learners anytime, any day and anywhere. Also, Learners can be able to watch your video courses on any device.

It Makes Your Content go Viral

The world is really embracing the digital trend, Creating engaging content and converting it to a professional Video Course would make your Video course  go viral.

Minimize Content Theft

This Training would give Instructors the Insights on how to encrypt their videos in order to minimize the incidence of video content theft and illegal transmission of digital content.

Expand Your Market Reach

This Training would help you expand your market reach in a secured environment

Frequently Asked Question

What do I need to be part of this training?

You would need a computer (Desktop or Laptop), Recording Software (you will know when the training starts), Microphone or a Headset with mic, Mouse and Keyboard for desktop users.

Can I use my smart phone in the absence of a computer?

You can only be able to watch the videos for the training with your phone, but you would need a computer to practice what you have learnt and also to have access to the full benefits that comes alongside with the training.

What if I have some questions to ask during the course of the training?

We have an interactive platform where learners could ask their questions and they would be answered immediately.

Can I have the access to download this videos?

This video training is meant to be watched online, however if you wish to have the downloaded version of this videos so as to be able to watch offline, you can contact us and we would made a special arrangement to make it available to you.

Will I not consume lots of data in the course of this training?

No you won’t. We are using the Latest Video Delivery Technology, which is Called ABR (Adaptive BitRate) streaming Technology, and this minimizes the consumption of internet data while watching the videos online.

How long will it take me to complete this online training?

It will take you 2 weeks to complete this training.

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